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Please read these Terms And Conditions carefully before booking with us. This is a legal document and making a reservation with us implies its full acceptance, agreeing to become bound by these Terms And Conditions. If You don’t comprehend any of the followings Terms And Conditions, have a question or need an explanation, be sure that you contact us before proceeding with any reservation. These Conditions governing transport and all related services are compliant with the laws governing the sale of vehicle hire services with driver and transport of third parties, thus providing safeguards for both passengers and their luggage. We regret that it is not possible to make a reservation if these Terms and Conditions are not accepted in full.

1 Definitions

1.1 “Company”, “we”, “us”, “our” means  Laspeziachauffeur, company of car hire with driver with registered office in  La Spezia Via. Luigi Aragone 89 (SP) Tel: 00393349414260. info@laspeziachauffeur.com , VAT NUMBER :  01467560114

The term “Laspeziachauffeur” refers to the owner of the website whose registered office in La Spezia Via. Luigi Aragone 89 (SP) Tel: 00393349414260. info@laspeziachauffeur.com , VAT NUMBER :  01467560114

“Customer” means the person who pays for the Booking.

“Passengers” means all passengers named and unnamed on the Booking.

“Lead passenger” means the first passenger named on the Booking.

“You” and “your” means any customer, including all passengers (or any of them as applicable) named on a Booking.

“Booking” means the booking for transfer services made with us.

“Transfer service” means any service provided by us for the carriage of passengers by road and includes any other service provided by us relating to or incidental to that carriage.

“Transfer Voucher”, “Booking Voucher”, “Voucher” means the written confirmation of the Booking we will send to you by email.

“Contract” means the Booking and these Terms, and any other terms and conditions stated to apply to the Booking.

“Terms” means these terms and conditions.

“Website”, “Websites” means www.laspeziachauffeur.com  or any other website owned or operated by us.

2 Booking Procedure

2.1 The person who makes the reservation must be aged at least 18 years of age and has the responsibility to follow the on-line booking procedure as well as to make sure that all the details provided are correct and complete.

2.2 On line bookings can be made at least 48 hours prior to your departure/arrival time. After 48 hours, please contact our 24 hour- call center asking for our availability to carry out the requested services.

2.3 The contract becomes legally binding only after receiving our booking Voucher by an e-mail which will be forwarded within 48 hours after receiving your request. In case Laspeziachauffeur are not able to provide the requested services, we will inform you, thus releasing our party from any liability against you.

2.4 On-line booking of any our services is strictly forbidden to minors. Should a minor book one of our services, their parents, legal tutors or other persons responsible for them will have to contact us immediately, in order to enable us to cancel the booking. Minors are not authorized to travel with us unless they are accompanied by an adult passenger.

 3 Availability and liability of booked services.

3.1 As soon as the passenger makes the reservation, this is examined. The reservation is to be considered as confirmed only when Laspeziachauffeur accept the booking request, after checking availability and all conditions. Laspeziachauffeur are not responsible for any unaccepted booking requests and reserve the right to cancel them, regardless of the reason.

3.2 The booking confirmation and all related communications are sent to the email address specified by the passenger. Laspeziachauffeur are not responsible for any inconveniences deriving from not received or delayed emails. Passengers will have to make sure that their email box is working properly and that messages are not deleted or moved to the spam folder without their knowledge.

3.3 Laspeziachauffeur undertake to make their vehicles reach departure and arrival terminals on time in any reasonable way. However, Laspeziachauffeur will not be responsible for any delays due to reasons beyond their own control, such as:

  • Exceptional and severe weather conditions can prevent the journey from proceeding smoothly.
  • Police checks
  • Vandalism and terrorism.
  • Traffic jams
  • Demonstrations and strikes
  • Delays caused by other passengers
  • Bookings made using wrong details about time, dates etc.
  • Lack of information on departure/arrival times by the Customer..
  • Road accidents

3.4 If Laspeziachauffeur are unable to transport passengers to the booked destination using their vehicles or those of external contractors due to reasons under their own control, they shall organize the passengers’ transfer using external means of transport (taxi, driver hire, car rental) and shall refund the transport cost to the Customer upon presentation of receipt/ invoice. The transport refund shall not exceed the current tariffs for the same agreed journey.

3.5 Laspeziachauffeur shall be held liable for any costs and losses due to delays and errors directly attributable to our expertise. In this case a refund of 100.00 euros shall be provided for each booking.

3.6 The Customer shall make sure to have booked his/her own vehicle at the proper time and to have enough time to reach the destination of his/her journey. Laspeziachauffeur are not responsible for any losses caused by the Customer (e.g. missed flight) due to lack of time depending on the Customer’s poor planning.

3.7 Laspeziachauffeur reserve the right to change fully or partially these agreements at any time without prior notice to Customers, partners, tour operators or agencies. The regulation can be always read on our website and shown to the Customer at the time of booking.

4 Payment

4.1 Unless otherwise agreed, payment shall be made in cash directly to the driver at the end of the booked service.  The credit card showed at the time of booking shall be used to the only purpose of validating the booking. No charge shall be made at the time of booking. If the Customer doesn’t cancel the booking based on our cancellation policy, a penalty shall be charged on the credit card, as explained at paragraph 6.

4.2 Payment in advance with credit card is available only on request.

4.3 The user confirms that all the data communicated in the booking are correct, that he/she is the owner of the credit card used for the booking and that the availability of funds or credit are sufficient to cover the service cost.

5 Changes

5.1 Booking changes can be managed via the Web (email), provided that they are requested within 48 hours before the meeting time, otherwise the passenger shall immediately call the phone number indicated in the confirmation voucher sent by email at the time of booking. When the passenger sends a change request, this is examined. The booking change acceptance is to be considered as confirmed only when Tuscany Driver send by email the transport voucher changed according to the new request.

5.2 In case of reservation change, the passenger accepts to pay the price difference concerning the new requested services which are confirmed only based on their real availability.  If  Laspeziachauffeur are unable to accept the booking changes because already engaged in other services, they reserve the right not to accept the changes of timetable, vehicle and pick up or drop off location ( if  differing from the original ) arrived less than 48 hours prior to the timetable scheduled for the booked transfer service.

6 Cancellations

6.1 The reservation can be cancelled at the following conditions:

  1. a) Free cancellation within 48 hours before the time scheduled for the booked transfer service.
  2. b) Cancellations made within 48 hours before the time scheduled for the booked transfer service: 100% of the reservation total amount will be charged on your credit card.
  3. c) Passenger does not show up at the meeting place or cancellation was not notified: cancellation not possible and 100% of service cost charged (see clause 6.2).
  4. d) If the airplane or ship you are travelling with is diverted to another airport or Port (“force majeure”, see clause 11) the service is automatically cancelled and is exempted from any liability to you.

6.2 Maximum waiting time

a) From Airports and Terminals of cruise ships: 60 minutes from the displayed real arrival time of the airplane or the ship. After this time, with no communication from the passenger, the driver leaves the meeting place and the passenger is charged 100% of the service cost, for missed cancellation notification (see clause 6.1c).

  1. b) Hotels, private addresses, railway stations, ferry boats, other locations: 15 minutes from the meeting time. After this time, with no communication from the passenger, the driver leaves the meeting place and the passenger is charged 100% of the service cost, for missed cancellation notification (see clause 6.1c).

6.3 Any cancellation for the booked transfer service shall be notified by e-mail to our email address.  Cancellations can be managed via the Web (email), if requested within 48 ore before the meeting time, otherwise the passenger shall promptly call the phone number indicated in the confirmation voucher, sent by email at the moment of the booking and subsequently notified by email to our email address. In such a case the passenger will receive a cancellation confirmation by email with the invoice of the booked transfer in attachment. The invoice can be used for any refund request to tour operators, air companies or travel insurance suppliers etc.

6.4 In case Laspeziachauffeur, against their will, are forced to cancel a confirmed booking, possible alternatives will be offered, if any. No refunds are provided, apart from the total refund of any fees paid in advance.

7 Invoicing

7.1 Upon request, the total amount of the service will be invoiced directly to the Customer with previous notice of the invoice heading (full name, invoice address and VAT number) at the time of reservation.

8 Infant seats

8.1 The currently in force Italian regulation states:  in case of public transport vehicles, (e.g. on taxis or rental cars with driver) children less than 150 cm in height and not restrained by an approved seating system can travel only on the back seat and always accompanied by a passenger aged not less than 16.

8.2 Infants and children, regardless of their age are considered as adult passengers with respect to occupied seats.

8.3 The more suitable safety systems for the transport of your children/infants can be booked through the on-line booking form.

9 Civil liability insurance

9.1 The transport of the passengers is entirely covered by the insurance stipulated by Laspeziachauffeur for their transport means with third parties.

10 Baggage

10.1 Passengers must indicate the transported baggage in the reservation form with the utmost accuracy, since the vehicle is assigned also based on the pieces of declared baggage or on oversized objects (e.g. bikes, skies,

golf clubs, diving cylinders). Laspeziachauffeur are not liable for additional costs or delays caused by undeclared baggage which are not transported by the assigned vehicle.

10.2 The baggage transportation totally lies within the responsibility of the passenger, who declares to be the owner of the baggage at the time of boarding. At departure, check your baggage, Laspeziachauffeur shall not bear any responsibility for any loss or damage, all transported objects are your own responsibility.

Laspeziachauffeur cannot be held responsible for damages, loss of baggage and/or theft.

11 Force majeure
11.1 Laspeziachauffeur cannot be held responsible for delays, cancellations or other events caused by force majeure such as bad weather, natural disasters, impracticable roads, third party accidents along the route, restrictions from local authorities and strikes, airplanes or ships diverted to other airports or ports.

12 Claims

12.1 The customer is compelled to inform us as soon as possible about any problems deriving from disservices or failures directly attributable to our doing. We will take steps to quickly solve any discomfort and loss, achieving the maximum customer satisfaction.

12.2 Any complaints and refund requests must be sent via email to the Booking Office within one month of the transfer date.

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